Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet the San Marino Choir Tour Bloggers: Natalia and Andy

Dear Singers, Family and Friends of the SMCC, we sure hope you enjoy the blog and recommend that you become a follower by clicking on the respective option in the right side bar of this webpage. As a follower, you will never miss an update and once the groups heads over to Spain there should be lots of news coming your way. For SMCC the students Andy Link and Natalia Youssef are going to blog about their experience abroad and upload pictures and videos during their time in Spain.

Andy Link is a senior at San Marino High School and Baritone Section Leader for the San Marino High School Chamber Singers. Outside of school, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family, singing with the barbershop quartet, The Four Chords, and volunteering his time to the community. Andy about the tour: "I have always wanted to visit Spain, and I am very excited that I finally get to go with such an amazing group of people!"

Natalia Youssef is currently a senior at San Marino High School and the soprano section leader of the San Marino Chamber Choir. "Music is my life and without it I would be extremely lost. I'm in love with photography and I hope I can travel and capture the entire world. I cannot wait to travel to Spain for my last year in SMCC and document our unforgettable journey along the way", she says. Natalia will do video blogs and upload videos of the performances for the parents at home to watch along with daily photography.

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