Monday, March 31, 2014

SMCC 2014: Choral exchange in Oviedo with Joven Coro de la Fundación Principe de Asturias, March 31, 2014

The San Marino Chamber Choir, under the direction of Tammi Alderman, and the Joven Coro de la Fundación Principe de Asturias, under the direction of José Ángel Émbil, enjoyed their first day of the Choral Exchange Program in Oviedo.

The exchange took place first at the reseharsal room of the choir, at the Filarmónica Theatre, where many other classical music ensemble also rehearse on a weekly basis.
You have some pictures and videos that hopefully will bring you the same huge smiles we had spending this wonderful time together.

San Marino Chamber Choir rehearsing:

Common rehearsal:

San Marino Chamber Choir and Joven Coro rehearsing "Como la flor", directed by Maestro Émbil

San Marino Chamber Choir and Joven Coro de la Fundación Príncipe de Asturias, rehearsing together "Nelly Bly", directed by Tammi L. Alderman.

At the end of the common rehearsal, both choirs sang for each other different pieces This was a very special and warm moment, that ended up with an African song with choreography.

San Marino Chamber Choir singing: Mata dei Anima Sola, for the Joven Coro

Big applause for San Marino Chamber Choir:

Look what happy faces!!

Joven Coro Principe de Asturias sings for San Marino Chamber Choir:

End song of the exchange today: Joven Coro sings for SMCC:

Arancha Menendez, from the Music Departmente of the Prince of Asturias Foundation, was sharing also these moments with us, and took us to the "pincheo" at the Auditorium right after the concert.
We are looking forward for the second day of Exchange and the Joint Concert that will take place tomorrow at the Auditorio of Siero.

Muchas gracias Maestro Émbil, Arancha y Fundación for this wonderful exchange!
Muchas gracias Maestra Alderman and San Marino Chamber Choir!

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