Saturday, March 1, 2014

SMCC 2014: San Marino Chamber Choir sings for Mass at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, April 2, at 7,30 pm.

The San Marino Chamber Choir will sing Mass at Catedral de Santiago de Compostela on Wednesday, April 2, at 7:30 pm.

The Catedral de Santiago de Compostela is the most outstanding building of Romanesque art in Spain. It is also the final destination of all the Ways of St. James - Camino de Santiago, which, during centuries, have brought Christendom’s pilgrims to the apostle’s tomb. And that is not all; it is the starting point for the construction of the monumental city of Santiago de Compostela, that arose in a sacred forest at the End of the World, with the vocation of becoming a Holy City and a World Heritage City.
Today, with a thousand years of existence experienced at the pace of Compostela’s extraordinary history, the Cathedral reveals itself to be a complex series of spaces covering an area of around 10,000 square metres, capable of rewarding with its powerful spirituality the faith of travellers, and with its beauty visitors from all over the world.

Construction on the cathedral was begun in 1075 in the reign of Alfonso VI, and sponsored by Bishop Diego Peláez. The work took place under the direction of Master Esteban on the remains of old churches built in devotion to the saint. 
It was built with three naves and a floor plan in a Latin cross, and had an area of about 8300 m². Its countless extensions have added numerous architectural styles to the building (Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, Plateresque and neoclassical). 

The La Gloria portico is the main entrance, and was created by Master Mateo in 1188. It features 200 figures referring to the Apocalypse, and the figure of Saint James the apostle appearing to welcome the pilgrims, supported on a column rising from the mullion. 
The Obradoiro façade of the cathedral is the work of Fernando de Casas y Novoa, and is considered to be one of the supreme expressions of the Spanish Baroque. The main altar is also in the Baroque style, and the crypt of Saint James the apostle lies directly beneath.

The Cathedral of Santiago has different and beloved traditions, that both locals and pilgrims arriving each year graciously fulfill: a hand on the St. James pillar, a head on the Master Mateo sculpture, the botafumeiro incense burner swinging... distinctive and unique usages with a deep spiritural or cultural meaning that are kept for centuries. We are sure you will discover and enjoy them during the visit to Santiago, and we will present them here soon.
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