Saturday, March 1, 2014

SMCC 2014: Joint Concert: San Marino Chamber Choir will perform together with the Youth Choir of the Prince of Asturias Foundation, at Auditorio de Pola de Siero, Asturias, April 1, at 8pm.

San Marino Chamber Choir and Joven Coro de la Fundación Principe de Asturias will offer a Joint Concert on April 1, at 8pm, as a wonderful finale to their Choral Exchange program, at the very Auditorium of Pola de Siero, Asturias.

This busy Auditorium, designed by the bureau of Benito Diaz Prieto, has been inaugurated in 2011.
Since them, many international and national artists have performed for a welcoming "asturiana" audience: classical music, traditional concerts, theatre, dance, and all kinds of performances like: Ara Mailikian, Fernando Egozcue, Symphonic Orchestra of Asturias, CONSMUPA, Danza Invisible, Orquesta Autónoma de Cantabria, Joaquin Pixán...

The cultural complex of the Auditorium is composed by the main Concert Hall, with 680 seats, and a same dimensions wide stage: 25 x 25 metres.

The Auditorium complex also hosts a smaller Concert Hall with 170 seats, as well as a Public Library for adults, children and babys, and the Main Cultural Centre of the city of Pola de Siero.

Nowadays, the Auditorium stands as one of the cultural hubs of the northern region of Spain, gaining importance for the culture and arts.

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