Monday, April 5, 2010

From SMCC Tour Blogger Andy Link: Toledo!

The bus ride from Madrid placed us in the beautiful city of Toledo. With our very intense tourguide, Carlos, we traced the perimeter of Toledo by bus and then took a trip to the famous sword manufacturer of Toledo.
While some of us were distracted by the semi-tour of an Aston Martin Vantage, we were all intellectually stimulated by learning about swords and knives. Walking through this business steeped in history allowed us to watch the production of both swords and intricate golden medallions, followed shortly by a premiere shopping spree.
Once we entered the center of Toledo, we were surrounded by eighty churches, and one enormous cathedral. Step by step, line by line, we filed into this monumentous landmark. Once again, Carlos took us through every nook and cranny, educating us through humorous, and sometimes racey jokes.
3 hours of free time later we got dressed and meandered through the ancient streets in style, capturing many awkward glances, and comments of our mixed ethnicities. But sure enough, we overcame these seemingly insurmountable obstacles and made it safely to the granddad of all churches.
We had an amazing performance for a small mass, and received many blessings from the priest (who also told the congregation that we were all students visiting from Japan).
While we all felt the exhaustion a little more than we expected today, a later wake up call means a promising tomorrow. With such an action packed first day, and today's exposure to the true beauty of Europe, we all look forward to the adventures this trip will have to offer.
Fun Facts of the day:
WWE is the most amazing sport to ever grace the surface of this Earth. "Ima' tell all my friends about 'chu!"Adrian knocked over 4 chair in on day. Hannah is an Aston Martin racer. An overwhelmingly confusing adventure about the true uses of a bidet in which Mrs. Bensinger thought it was for watching faces. Contastingly, Adrian is a bidet expert, having used one dozens of times in his adventures through Spain. The receptionist in Toledo is really, really, really good looking, like the really good looking kind.


  1. It looks like you are moving with the sped of lights every day exploring the beauty of Spanish historical architecture and culture. I guess the excitement overcoming the time change and exhaustion.
    Watching here your performance on the little screen and hearing your angelic voices is quite emotional,I can imagine how overwhelming is that to the Spanish people. Great job Chamber family!

    How is the real Spanish food?

    Adrian bidet is a ladies side of the bathroom...What are you doing there?
    There is a European saying about what Mrs.Bensinger thought but not all of you are 18 so I can't post on blog lol.

  2. Good Luck!tomorrow at 24 Encuentro Coral International"Ciudad Torreveja".
    Im sure it will be unforgettable performance for you as well for the audience.Enjoy your unique cultural experiences.Love to all.

    Please make sure you will be introduce as a Chamber Choir from San Marino California("Calafonia") not Japan.

  3. Again you guys made MY DAY! Have fun exploring and singing in Cuenca! Love, Sandra