Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 3: Cuenca

While the vast majority of the morning was spent traveling to our hotel, eventually (after a few bathroom breaks and scenic stops) we reached our very "quaint" hotel in the center of "Old Cuenca."
We unpacked our bags for the night and all went our separate ways to grab some lunch. After lunch, some of went on a two and a half hour walking tour of Cuenca while the rest stayed behind to grab some shut-eye
At 7:00 we met to rehearse in the beautiful octagonal church that was adjacent to our hotel. An hour later, the few Spaniards who weren't watching the FCB vs. Arsenal game (Wow, Messi is amazing) began to trickle in. The performance was amazing. By far the best one our choir has had all year.
After the concert we all climbed to the bus and drove to "New Cuenca" to watch the end to a great game, and have some great food.
While the day wasn't as stuffed with activities as the previous ones, it was exhausting as ever. So before anybody hurts themselves blogging late at night, I will say goodnight to everyone at home. Buenas Noches and on to Valencia!

Fun Facts of the day:
Adrian's bathroom break was better than yours. Girls poop roses, except for Paola and Kelly (Hannah is a different story). ~I WANNA HAVE YOUR BABAY!~ Sarah Bensiger passionately cheered as Messi scored his 4th goal of the game.

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