Monday, April 5, 2010

From SMCC Tour Blogger Andy Link: Off to Toledo!

Jet lag... The gruesome part to anyone's morning. Thankfully we have a little time to sleep on the way to Toledo!
Fun Facts of the morning:
Hannah definitely isn't tired at all (see picture). Max (Mark to the rest of us) stole Adrian's Keifer. Chris has re-assumed the superposition. Bedrock Leibestein. Greg hasn't won a Mario Kart match yet. All aboard Kelly's freak-train!
P.S. If you look, you can see Lucy the pillow in the photo! Try and find her!


  1. Good job on the posting, Andy. I hope there are others reading your work!
    I see Lucy but I think Michelle is faking her sleep...I can see her smiling! Unless she's dreaming about singing in that beautiful cathedral...looks amazing!
    Hmmmm...lots of inside jokes in this post. I have no idea who Bedrock Leibestein is.
    Sing well, Chamber!

  2. Thanks for the updates ... btw, Hannah is always tired!!!

  3. HI Andy love your writing, keep it up! Say hi to Adrian and tell him to watch out for chairs....
    your blog followers,
    The Brizz Fam