Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 8: Barcelona

Our final day in Spain! The day started with SMCC singing! With a rehearsal time of 9:15 at the Petite Palau, we found ourselves warming up before we could even open our eyes. After testing the acoustics of the hall, we were served a sandwich and drink before entering the hall once again to begin our concert.
With foreign dignitaries present, the pressure was on, but our excitement overcame it. We performed about as well as 40 exhausted singers could, and brought joy to the hearts of those watching.
Now that we had no commitment to save our voices, the real fun could begin. We embarked on a bus tour around Barcelona with a British guy name Steve. Steve took us to all of the Gaudi monuments around the city, including the one that makes Barcelona so famous: La Iglesia de Sagra Familia. This enormous church is still a work in progress, and will not be finished for several years. The architecture is breathtaking, and while some may disagree at the appropriateness of this monument, its feats are undeniable.
As the tour concluded and an hour of shopping elapsed, we made our way over to a tapas bar for dinner. The tapas were delicious and the company was great. While the parents sat and relaxed, the rest ran around taking pictures, partying with the waiters, and hugging little boys. We performed for the owner of the restaurant and said our goodbyes to the chaperons. The parents were to get a good night's sleep before a long day of traveling, but the kids were instructed to party their hardest aboard a double-decker party bus.
Few words can describe the intensity and greatness that encompasses the adventure through the streets of Spain. Those words are insane, great, intense, and insane. Did I mention insane? However, all good things come to and end, and our night was no exception. With this tour oer' as well, we all look back with fond memories of an amazing week away from home!
We can't thank Incantato Tours enough for all that they've done. The concerts, the sights, and the people were all impeccable. Thank you Sandra and Mark (Max Kiefer) for building memories that will last a lifetime!
We're coming home!

Fun Facts of the day:

Max Kiefer finally learned his name! Chris woke up with shoe on his face, but Kelly woke up with something very, very different. Kim, on the other hand, woke up without something entirely. William is Dance King. Cute kids aren't cute when the claw your face. Jack Jones and Colonel Tapioca.

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  1. Dear SMCC,

    Thank you Andy for keeping all the folks back home up-to-date! Your postings were so descriptive, we felt like we were there (well almost), experiencing all the sights and sounds of Spain, hearing SMCC beautifully sing in the many churches and the finale at the Petite Palau.

    Job well done SMCC! Congratulations to Mr. Chung for his tireless directing and let us not forget the chaperones keeping everyone together!

    What a wonderful experience. May you cherish all the fond memories.

    Stay safe and healthy as you return back home. God be with you all.

    Say hello to Kelly and Mrs. Mar for us! BTW, what did Kelly wake up with on her head????

    All the best,

    The Mar Family