Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 4: Valencia

Five! Five hour! Five hour bus ride! To Valencia! Five hours of bus riding later, we arrived in sunny Valencia (which quickly turned into rainy Valencia).

We are stopped halfway to our final nighttime destination for a traditional Paella lunch! After this we took a bus tour around the gorgeous city to see the Formula 1race track, downtown, and of course, the city of arts and sciences! We then took a tour of the Cathedral of Valencia. While we have seen a Cathedral in almost every city now, this Cathedral was just as amazing as ever. It is impossible for the brilliant architecture and history to ever get old.

Reflecting back to all of our touring, I have yet to see a city as beautiful as Valencia. With such a perfect mix of local agriculture, modern architecture, beautiful culture, and history, I cannot wait to come back to Valencia as soon as I can!!

We're now on our way to Torra Viejo. 3 more hours!

Fun Facts of the day:
The three categories of life: Magic. Memories. Dumbledore. Americans are racist. We found the holy grail. Paola predicted the future. We left our mark in a restaurant. Our situation has been compromised by the Keifer.

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