Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 5: Torreviejo

Oh Happy Day! Unlike the usual day of traveling and exhaustion, SMCC and Friends spent a day full of relaxation and fun by the water. Our late wake-up call and delicious breakfast gave us just enough energy for a few hours of shopping on the boardwalk.
When we got back from the excursion we all jumped into our swim trousers and either made our way to the ice-cold beach or the frozen pool. With our new coat of bronze we all found our rooms and spiffied-up to watch two choir perform in the renowned performance hall of Torreviejo. We were then serenaded by the hispanic double of Hugh Laurie and Mr. Bean and entertained by the wonderful children's choir. Shortly after, Bean's choir returned to finish of the night with a bang!
We have an appointment with the mayor tomorrow, so we are all off to bed... Or facebook. Either way, we are as content as can be after a day full of fun in the sun!

Fun Facts of the day:

"If you really, really, have to go to the bathroom, don't." Kelly-mar-y, or as we know it calimarie. The concert was as long as the cold war. Kiefer took a road trip across the Mediterranean.

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  1. Please tell me someone videod the Hugh Laurie and Mr. Bean double!!??????